Top Ten Motorhome Drives in Europe

Top 10 Motorhome destinations in Europe

Motorhome Holidays in Europe Where to visit

Motorhome travel in Europe – Best drives

Here is a list of some of the best motorhome drives in Europe. According to a survey from, March is the top month for holidaymakers dreaming about getting away from the UK; the average Briton spending about thirteen minutes a day thinking about their own trip. Of course, that got us thinking: where would we go if time and money were no option? Well, just to whet your appetite, here, in no particular order, are our top ten European drives.motorhome-guide-tour-travel-in-europe-hire-

Loop the Lac
The Lac-du-Geneve or the Lake of Geneva is unquestionably one of the most beautiful spots in all of Europe. The petite city of Geneva sits at the westernmost corner of the lake but aside from around 3 miles of urban area, the surroundings of the lake are exquisite Swiss countryside. Follow the smaller Route de Lausanne, camp halfway and then loop round into France through Evian-les-Bains. Beware that Switzerland is not in the European Union: this may affect your motorhome insurance policy.

Portugal has always taken second place behind Spain and France for British holidaymakers, but there’s absolutely no reason why. The Atlantic coast is famous for surfers, sunsets and seafood so take a week and enjoy the ride. There are some lovely coastal camping spots on the way and plenty of opportunities for wild camping if it takes your fancy.

Glasgow to Fort William
If you’re after rural, windswept landscapes then there really is nowhere better than Scotland. Start off in European City of Culture, Glasgow, and wind your way up to Fort William with its views of Ben Nevis, the highest point in the UK. A motorhome is the perfect way to take this trip but do stock up on supplies: fuel and food can be sparse up North.

A Tour of Flanders
The Dutch-Belgian border is a hidden gem in Europe. You could start by taking in the sights in Amsterdam, cruising down the beachy coast via Leiden and The Hague before uniting yourself with the picturesque Bruges. The public transport in these areas is absolutely fantastic, so your best bet is to camp in the countryside and use the train network to see the city sights. top ten motorhome drives in Europe

Tuscany by the Sea
Tuscany is perfect: there’s no way around it. You can turn up more or less anywhere in Tuscany and you’ll have a fantastic time, but it’s worth finding campsites before you go because there are some real gems. A little bit of Italian will help you bond with the locals which, in Italy, is all a part of the fun. If you have a spare day before flying home from Venice you should also see the Scrovegni Chapel.

North Sea Islands
Copenhagen should be your start-point and from there you can either travel north through to Sweden and Norway or South back into Denmark and Germany. Wrap up warm or make sure you travel during the summer months when swimming, sailing and snorkelling will all be an option.

Sevilla and South
Although not strictly in Europe, there is a route through Southern Spain and Gibraltar that will take you to a ferry port and into the magical city of Tangiers. Driving a motorhome in Morocco is an incredible experience and if you can meander your way to Marrakech you’re sure for a cultural treat.

La Côte Atlantique
Much like the Atlantic coast of Portugal, there is a magic about the French Atlantic coast and it’s a heaven for motorhome owners who are into their water-sports. In the north, the Bassin d’Arcachon offers windsurfing inland. Hossegor is the home to surf culture in France and, even if you’re not one for wave riding, the dunes offer shelter from the wind and plenty of car-parks to crash in.motorhome holidais europe

Nice to Monte Carlo
Though we were reluctant to put another French trip in the top-ten, this one is an absolute must-see. Soak in the sunshine in the hills around Nice and cruise over to the opulent Monte Carlo. You’ll find the Nice and Cannes pretty accessible for Motorhomes, but Monaco is not. Try the small train link or, if you’re feeling flash, there’s a boat cruise that will take you direct from Nice in about an hour and a half.

Some of these routes will be best in the winter but, in general, summer is the time of year to travel. Be warned that places like Tuscany and Nice are packed with tourists in the height of the summer so, if you can, try travelling in May or even April. The beauty of the motorhome is that you don’t need to follow the routes exactly, but our guide should give you a place to start. a Motorhome, Rv, Campervan Porto, Porto airport, Portugal

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