Motorhome Rental Rijeka Croatia

Motorhome Rental Rijeka

Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Rijeka, Croatia

Motorhome Hire in Rijeka and at Rijeka airport Croatia

Motorhome Rental Rijeka

Motorhome Rental Rijeka Croatia

Motorhome Rental Rijeka – Explore Croatia by Rv, camper or motorhome. Croatia is an amazing country to visit and Rijeka has fantastic scenery. Rijeka is a great place to start your motorhome holiday in Croatia. Rijeka`s lowest rental prices, guaranteed. Pick up your rental motorhome in Rijeka or at Rijeka airport and you are ready to go.

Rijeka is the principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia (after Zagreb and Split). It is located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea and has a population of 128,624 inhabitants.

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Zračna luka Rijeka – Rijeka airport is situated on the nearby island of Krk, around 35 km from the railway station in Rijeka. There is a designated bus service from the airport into Rijeka in connection with flights. The price is 50 HRK one way. When going from the city to the airport make sure you buy your ticket at the station (you can pay by credit card as well) as cash on board is not accepted.

Motorhome Rental Rijeka


Due to its location Rijeka is the perfect base to start your rental motorhome holiday and from which to discover all the diversity that surrounds it. A number of completely different areas can be visited in only a short time – take a walk down the beautiful Opatija promenade, ski on Platak above Rijeka during winter, try Istrian specialties, walk through the forests of Gorski kotar, explore the islands. Visit Rijeka

Motorhome Rental Rijeka



Motorhome Rental Rijeka – Kvarner is an inestimable a priceless combination of the sea, islands and highlands in an exceptionally small space. In just one day you can sail by yacht or bathe in the sea and then enjoy in the shadow of the near-by woods in the hinterland. In winter you can ski with a view of the sea and then enjoy, just a few kilometres away, in a salt-water swimming pool, in relaxing wellness treatments or in long walks by the sea. Motorhome Rental Rijeka
Developed promenades and fragrant gardens, centennial parks and top-quality health services are all in aid the function of the restoration of health and energy restoring and to the reawakening of the joy of living

Grobnik’s pride – the most best preserved testimony of past times is undoubtedly the Frankopan Castle, situated on a 466 metres high hill, between the left bank of the river Rječina River and the Grobnik Field. By its appearanceIt towers above surpasses the wholeentire plateau of the Grobnik area and continues so that even today it keeps observing to watches over what is happeningwhat is happening the goings-on not only at in its foothill but also in the whole of Kvarner, because the view extends to Krk, Cres and Učka.

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