Motorhome Camping in Spain

Motorhome Camping in Spain

Motorhome holidays in Spain – Campsites and information

Motorhomes and camping are very popular in Spain, all year round. It’s a popular way to travel for Spanish as well as Europeans. In the last few years more and more motorhomes hve been appearing on the Spanish roads ariving from all over Europe. Spain has become very populare as a winter destination for motorhome travelers from the colder European countries.motorhome camping in spain

Official campsites in Spain
There is a growing network of places, official and unofficial where it is possible to safely park overnight. Many of these stops have facilities for waste and fresh water. Free motorhome camping in Spain.
Camp sites and motorhome parks in Spain are generally of a very high standard and have all the facilities you need. Most speak English and most can be booked online or by phone before arrival. There are thousands of official campsites to choose from, many are often located right on the beach, next to lakes or on the outskirts of cities.

Links to finding campsites in Spain
There are more than one thousand campsites in Spain. Therefore, you will find some very basic campsites (one star) and some very luxurious (four stars). The Spanish campsites also offer the possibility to rent a mobile home, a bungalow or a chalet. If you travel with a motorhome, some campsites are equipped with a special services area.
Camping campingsites spain

Electricity and water whilst travelling in Spain
The electricity supply in Spain is 240v, the same as the UK although the voltage often drops to around 220v. All appliances will still work but appliances with heating elements such as kettles and heaters can take longer to heat up.
The water in most parts of Spain is drinkable. It’s still often better though to boil the water first or use bottled water. Water that is not drinkable is labelled ‘no potable’. Water in the cities and on the coast is better than in rural areas. Motorhome Rental Spaincamp grounds in spain

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