European toll roads and their charges

European motorways and toll roads

Motorhome and Campervan travel Europe

Toll charges in Europe

When traveling in your motorhome threw Europe you’re bound to drive on several toll roads. Tolls can add up, particularly on a long journey so it pays to do your research before you go.toll_road_toll_booth_009

In Europe the situation’s very different from the Uk and you’re much more likely to encounter a toll road, particularly on the main motorway network. Automatic, cashless, toll systems are in use in some countries. Some countries also charge tolls on bridges and tunnels.

Most of the roads were originally constructed as toll roads in order to bring in the costs of construction.

However the are some countries like Belgium, Germany, Sweden or Netherlands were highways are free of charge.road toll europe

No definitive answer can be given, but here are some helpful tips:
• Remember Certificates of Title campers under 3500 kg pay as private cars.
• Payment Roads and payment sites are well marked in advance.
Know in advance where you are going and where you intend to join / leave the motorway.
 Make sure of having sufficient cash, coins or banknotes as payment, you never know when you will have to pay in cash.
You may want to pay by credit or debit card where possible. This payment method is safe.
Do not think you can always pay with Autopass. It does not work everywhere.
It makes no difference whether the road is privately or publicly funded.
In some countries you pay toll for the time spent between to points so a long stop on a toll road can be very expensive.


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