Motorhome Driving License Europe

Motorhome Driving License Requirements in Europe

Drivers License for motorhome and Campervan Rental

Motorhome Driving License

Motorhome Driving License Europe

Driving License
Motorhome Driving License Europe. Driver’s licenses are accepted from all countries by motorhome rental companies in Europe. A class B national driving licence is all that is required to drive a campervan under 3500kgs, which covers all except the largest motorhomes. For motorhomes over 3500kg, you will need a class C national driving licence.

Motorhome Driving License

International Drivers License

Motorhome Driving License. International Drivers License
However, you are required to have an international driving license for your motorhome rental, if your license does not include the most important information in English or the other local language.  If your drivers license is not written in the roman alphabet, you will need to have an International Drivers License – contact your local drivers licensing authority for details. The international licens needs to be presented along with the national license.

Motorhome Rental Age Limit
There is normally a minimum age limit( from 21 to 25 ) for vehicle rental which may vary from rental company to rental company. EU driving licence

Motorhome Driving Requirements
In most central European countries you are required to always carry your motorhome registration documents, your rental agreement as well as proof that you are insured.

The entitlement needed on your driving licence
You will need to check that your driving licence gives you entitlement to drive a motorhome. The categories shown on your licence allow you to drive vehicles up to certain weights, known as the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM).

Category B (car) entitlement
You can drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM, together with a trailer not exceeding 750 kilograms. To tow a heavier trailer you will need category B+E entitlement.

Category C1 entitlement
You can drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes MAM but less than 7.5 tonnes (with or without a trailer up to 750 kilograms). To tow a heavier trailer you will need category C1+E entitlement.

If you passed the category C1+E test:
before 1 January 1997 (shown as C1+E (79) on the licence) you are limited to driving such combinations up to a combined weight of 8.25 tonnes: for example, motorhome six tonnes, trailer 2.25 tonnes
after 1 January 1997 you are entitled to drive combinations up to 12 tonnes in weight where the MAM of the trailer exceeds 750 kilograms but doesn’t exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle. Driving licence

Driving licence for motorhomes over 3.5 t
Only four EU member states have provisions that allow persons to operate vehicles over 3.5 tonnes with a conventional driving licence. In the UK, Sweden and Germany, this group consists of driving licence holders who acquired their driving licences in the late 1990s, and now tend to be in their mid-30s or mid-50s (in the case of France). Motorhome Driving License


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