GLAMPING – camping in style!

New way how to enjoy your holidays is called GLAMPING – camping in style!

Glamping can mean many things to many different people. This unique and unforgettable style of campsite holidays is a combination of glamorous and camping. This is a unique experience combining comfort, relaxation, natural surroundings and outstanding facilities. In mood for getting back to nature but not willing to compromise on style and comfort?

Czech style of glamping gets you close to nature and enables to escape the hassle of having to find a space, spending time pitching a tent, whilst still enjoying the delights of the great outdoors. There are basically four types of accommodation in the Czech Republic, comfortable bungalows in African style, Finnish cottages and Stulps, tepee and fully equipped mobile homes.

On the edge of the Dvůr Králové Zoo in East Bohemia is located Camp Safari which offers accommodation in African style. Camp Safari is a perfect place for kids. They can enjoy the zoo as the admission to the zoo is free. Camp offers more than that; there are ready special programs like becoming a zookeeper for one day, off-road or evening safari. Hotel room comfort in the middle of nature can also be found in brick bungalows and apartments at Resort Beach Nová Živohošť. Resort Beach Nová Živohošť is located in Central Bohemia at Slapy and thanks to its location close to the water it is an ideal place for active holidays or relaxing by the water.

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To discover a totally new way of accommodation is possible at the Camping Chvalšiny in South Bohemia. South Bohemia region is rich in natural and cultural heritage. Highly recommended is a visit of the city of Český Krumlov which is situated on the banks of the Vltava River and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992. Camping Chvalšiny offers a new way of camping in huts called Stulps. In Stulps you can enjoy both a tent feeling and comfort of a cottage at the same time. Are you in love with Finland? Why not to try accommodation in Finnish cottages at camping Dolce which is surrounded by the quiet countryside, in the foothills of the Giant Mountains? Camping Dolce was awarded in the national competition as ”Most popular camping place 2013″ in the Czech Republic.

Glamping within a stone’s throw to the Old Town of Prague

Glamping experience can also be found a short drive from the capital city of Prague. Camping Oase Praha is located in a quiet neighbourhood, 5 km south of Prague. Oase Praha offers luxury accommodation in fully equipped mobile homes with living rooms, separate bedrooms, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. This camping site is the best choice for lovers of both nature and sightseeing. Prague and its breathtaking sights are very easy to reach as well as one of the best known castles in the Czech Republic – Karlštejn and spectacular Koněprusy Caves.

Holidays in a glamping style are highly recommended for families with children as well as for couples looking for a beautiful nature and adventure. Glamping sites offer a wide range of activities, sport facilities, outdoor pools, playgrounds and animations. To find the best glamping site where your kids are happy and you can enjoy your glass of delicate Czech wine or real Czech beer, please visit the camping website And do not forget to install app to your mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone supported).