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Northern Norway named one of the best regions in the world by Lonely Planet

Norway impresses in Lonely Planet’s forthcoming book ‘Best in Travel 2015’, the prestigious collection of the hottest trends, destinations and experiences for the coming year. Northern Norway scoops a place on the Top 10 listing of the ‘The Best Regions in the World 2015’.

Northern Norway named one of the best regions in the world by Lonely Planet

Northern Norway named one of the best regions in the world by Lonely Planet

The bestselling yearbook highlights the top ten countries, cities and regions to visit in 2015, in addition to 16 other inspirational listings, where Norway made it onto another three lists including ‘Unforgettable Family Travel Experiences’ and ‘Most illuminating places’.

Northern Norway featured fifth on the list of top regions ahead of Flores in Indonesia, Chile’s Atacama Desert and Macau, China.  According to the book “Northern Norway is going to blow your mind with its heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes of glaciers and fjord-riven mountains, all bathed in crystal-clear light. Welcome to one of Europe’s last great wildernesses.

As well as the region’s beautiful landscape, the urban scene is also praised “not only the weather is cool north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. Base yourself in party-loving Tromsø, home to the world’s northernmost university, to hit some of its happening jazz bars after a day
spent reindeer sledding. Bodø, too, is both gorgeously remote and surprisingly hip… Northern Norway is where the wild things are in more ways than one

‘I lost my heart to Northern Norway’

The destinations featured in the book are selected because they meet certain criteria; it could be that there is something special going on that year, that there’s been recent development and a lot of buzz about the place, or that we think it’s up-and-coming and suggest
travellers visit before the crowds do. Author of the Northern Norway section of  Best in Travel 2015, Kerry Christiani says ‘..I was blown away by the region’s wildlife, kind-hearted people and out of this world beauty. There’s no place like it for adventure, either. Where else can you meet Sami reindeer herders,…. dart past the world’s strongest tidal current on a RIB,
cross the Arctic Circle, and watch the Northern Lights come out to play all in the space of a day? Cities like Bodø and Harstad reveal surprises, too, with rich culture, terrific restaurants and party-loving people. I lost my heart to Northern Norway, so much so that I’ve never found it harder to catch a plane home.’

Best place to get yes …the Troll’s Tongue

Norway runs away with several Top 10 listings, including the Midnight Sun on Svalbard in the ‘Most illuminating places’; Nordic skiing in ‘Unforgettable Family Travel Experiences’; and not least the Troll’s Tongue in the ‘Best places to get a yes’. They stress however, that the chances of a yes is greater if she likes outdoor activities and heights.

The whole Top 10 regions list:

Top 10 Regions in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015

1.  Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey

2.  Rocky Mountain National Park, USA

3.  The Toledo District, Belize

4.  Tasmania, Australia

5.  Northern Norway

6.  Khumbu,Nepal

7.  Copper Canyon, Mexico

8.  Flores, Indonesia

9.  Atacama Desert, Chile

10.  Macau, China

Northern Norway is the northern region of Norway, and includes the city of Tromsø;
Svalbard; the Lofoten islands and the North Cape, the northernmost part of mainland Europe.

Seeing the northern lights in Norway has topped several surveys of British people’s bucket lists, including Lonely Planet’s own survey in 2013. Due to the distinct location mainly above the Arctic Circle, and with close proximity to both coast and land, Northern Norway is one of the best places in the world to see the lights.