Bürstner motorhomes 2015

Bürstner press release for the 2015 season

Full speed ahead into the mid-range price segment of semi-integrated motorhomes.

Bürstner motorhomes 2015 5

  • Bürstner kicks off the new season with a model offensive
  • Four updated semi-integrated model series: Travel Van, Nexxo, Nexxo time, Ixeo time
  • Caravan model series expanded: Premio Plus with a fold-down bed

Note: You will find the pictures of our new models hereBürstner motorhomes 2015 1

Kehl. Bürstner is kicking off the 2015 model year with a comprehensive product offensive. The new features and upgrades in four model series clearly underscore the brand’s claim to being the market leader in the segment of semi-integrated motorhomes in Germany and Europe. For more than five years now, the traditional brand has been at the top of this class.

“By introducing the fold-down bed to semi-integrated motorhomes and caravans a number of years ago, Bürstner realised an innovation that forced the entire industry to redirect its focus,” says Giovanni Marcon, Managing Director at Bürstner. He adds: “Bürstner also initiated the reorientation of interior design, and its competitors soon adapted to these constructive and design-based innovations. For this reason, we are now implementing additional new ideas to enhance our mid-range series for the upcoming model year. This will allow us to continue to successfully defend our position as the market leader in the semi-integrated motorhome segment in Europe in the future.”Bürstner motorhomes 2015 4

Refreshing visual design

Bürstner’s developers, design engineers and designers have paid special attention to the price-sensitive mid-range segment. The Travel Van, Nexxo, Nexxo time and the classic Ixeo time have been completely redeveloped and upgraded. The Nexxo time has been repositioned as a new model series in the lower mid-range price segment. On the outside, updated graphics on all of the model series point to the changes. Even the cappuccino, the raised roof over the driver’s cab, has been aerodynamically improved to glide through the air with less resistance, thus causing less wind noise. More rigid, warp-resistant design The Nexxo and Travel Van model series now feature a wood-free cabin design. Should mechanical damage cause a leak during a holiday trip, any water penetration now no longer poses a problem. The highly stable XPS design made from plastic, foam and lightweight metal materials is water-resistant. What’s more, the cabin is now more rigid and warp-resistant and provides better thermal insulation. Customers have no need to fear the risk of hail damage. Since last season, all Bürstner motorhomes come equipped with the hail-proof GRP roof.

Lightweight construction for less weight

In the upcoming season, all caravan and motorhome model series (with the exception of the Ixeo, Argos time and Argos) will be made with lightweight flooring, which is also made from GRP. This upgrade has already been introduced to individual models. Compared to the previous composite construction, this design not only offers greater stability but also cuts down on the overall weight significantly. Depending on the model and floor plan, weight can be reduced by 50 to 80 kilograms. With increasing demand for motorhomes that do not exceed the 3.5-tonne limit, this plays an important role in customer purchasing decisions. In caravans, the lightweight construction module allows for the use of smaller towing vehicles with lower trailing loads, thus resulting in less fuel consumption.Bürstner motorhomes 2015 2

Service unit for easy operation and maintenance

The service unit is a new feature that simplifies motorhome operation. All of the relevant connections and filling openings for the water and power supply are hidden behind the closable hatch on the outside. This is also where you will find the 230-volt power feed as well as the filler tubes for fresh water and the valves to empty the boiler and water tank. This makes service at a supply and waste disposal station or at a campsite both cleaner and simpler. This hatch also makes accessing the maintenance opening on the fresh-water tank quick and easy.

Wide premium door

In the future, campers will be able to get inside their Bürstner vehicles through an XL entry door measuring 70 cm in width (available in all models with a suitable floor plan). Combined with a multi-step coupe entry, this represents a major comfort upgrade. The premium edition of the XL door comes with a two-point rather than a one-point locking mechanism. It also has a window and comes standard with an integrated window screen. The door can also be integrated into the base vehicle’s central locking system as an option.Bürstner motorhomes 2015 6

A fifth fully functional seat and a larger fridge

Positioned on the right behind the passenger seat, the optional VarioSeat offers a high degree of functionality (for the Nexxo and Ixeo time, except for the 685 floor plan). An insertable backrest element and a seatbelt turn this practical short bench into a fifth seat for an extra passenger. A 145-litre fridge (40 litres larger than the previous 105-litre fridge) with an 11-litre freezer compartment is another new upgrade in the semi-integrated model series.

Bürstner is offering four different special models in the new season. All of them have impulse in their name and are found in the Viseo and Aviano model series.

An overview of the new features:

  • A new, sportier exterior design
  • A new, more aerodynamic cappuccino
  • A new, warp-resistant cabin with a wood-free XPS design
  • New GPR lightweight flooring (except the Ixeo)
  • The service unit as a central supply and maintenance station
  • XL entry door, 70 cm wide
  • 145-litre tall fridge with a freezer compartment
  • VarioSeat with a seatbelt for an extra passenger (for the Nexxo and Ixeo time)

Bürstner’s range of motorhomes consists of a total of 12 model series:

Compact models:

  • Brevio: from 5.99 to 6.38 metres long, three floor plans

Semi-integrated motorhomes:

  • Travel Van: from 5.66 to 6.99 metres long, three floor plans
  • Nexxo time: cabins from 5.89 to 6.99 metres long, six floor plans
  • Nexxo: cabins from 6.79 to 7.49 metres long, seven floor plans
  • Ixeo time: cabins from 5.99 to 7.49 metres long, five floor plans
  • Ixeo: cabins from 6.74 to 7.39 metres long, two floor plans

Integrated motorhomes:

  • Viseo: cabins from 6.96 to 7.25 metres long, three floor plans
  • Aviano: cabins from 7.56 to 8.41 metres long, three floor plans
  • Elegance: cabins from 8.12 to 9.20 metres long, three floor plans
  • Grand Panorama: cabins from 8.42 to 9.00 metres long, three floor plans

Alcove models: 

  • Argos time: cabins from 6.48 to 6.78 metres long, three floor plans
  • Argos: cabin 8.86 metres long, one floor plan

All vehicles are based on the new Fiat Ducato.

Bürstner’s caravan range includes five model series and the special Averso nature model:

  • Premio: cabins from 4.62 to 6.02 metres long, seven floor plans
  • Premio plus: cabin 6.12 metres long, one floor plan
  • Averso: cabins from 5.00 to 6.41 metres long, eight floor plans
  • Averso top: cabins from 5.34 to 6.41 metres, ten floor plans
  • Averso plus: cabins from 4.71 to 6.13 metres long, three floor plans
  • Averso nature: cabin 4.77 metres long, one floor plan

The model series:

Travel Van: Comfort and well-being when travel is your passion

The three versions of the semi-integrated Travel Van feature the high-quality XPS cabin with rounded roof edges and a sportier exterior design. The black XL skyroof window in the cappuccino extends all the way to the front windscreen; the rear spoiler emphasises the dynamic claim of this model series. The high-quality framed windows (optional), which are flush with the exterior wall, also accentuate the sportier look. The Travel Van offers plenty of storage space and also comes equipped with the spacious VarioBad (variable bathroom). The closed wardrobe in the entry area of the three floor plans, which can also be used as a seat in the living area, is another exceptional feature.

Nexxo time: The model for price-conscious customers

Despite its budget-conscious features and standard construction, the Nexxo time still offers plenty of comfort in the lower mid-range price segment. Its high-quality seating concept and new furnishings make it a perfect model for rentals. Compared to the Nexxo, the average price savings are around 4,500 euros. Nevertheless, features such as the XL door, the service unit and the 145-litre fridge come standard.

Nexxo: More headroom and style

As the flagship of Bürstner’s new range of semi-integrated motorhomes, the Nexxo now comes with standard framed windows and the XPS cabin. The rounded roof edges combined with the standard rear spoiler and the XL skyroof in the cappuccino give this model an extremely dynamic look. Inside, the new furniture concept with rounded hanging cabinets and improved standing headroom of 197 cm gives you even more freedom to move around. The newly developed L-shaped kitchen is used in all floor plans.

Ixeo time: More comfort thanks to the new fold-down bed

The Ixeo time is setting new standards in the class of motorhomes with fold-down beds. Thanks to an innovative belt guide, the double bed can be vertically lowered straight down with variable positioning. This allows all of the berths on board to be used at the same time. When the fold-down bed is lowered down to the lowest possible position electrically, it hovers slightly above the upholstery in the seating area, thus allowing campers of any age to get into bed comfortably and safely. The child-safety feature installed off the bed also ensures safety. The fold-down mechanics are covered to prevent the risk of injury. Even with the fold-down bed, the Ixeo time still has 198 centimetres of standing headroom. The furniture comes in an appealing bicolour concept in Truffo Ros, and the skyroof ensures the best lighting conditions.

Aviano/Viseo: Four “impulse” special models

A special model gives customers even more to choose from in the Viseo series of integrated motorhomes. The Viseo i 690 “impulse” is upgraded with exclusive extras such as the Chassis and Design packages. Other details include alloy rims, power windows and a sun awning. A special graphic on the cabin sets the Viseo i 690 “impulse” apart. Compared to the standard model, the added features save customers a full 6,895 euros.

The benefits for customers are even greater on the three Aviano “impulse” models. Like all Bürstner integrated motorhomes, they now have a driver’s door as well as leather upholstery and a number of other extras that make the Aviano “impulse” a fully equipped vehicle. The savings on the three floor plans (i 727, i 728 G and i 840 G) offered exclusively with a white cabin are as much as 11,697 euros.

New momentum for the caravan segment 

  • Upgrades to the Premio; Premio Plus with a fold-down bed
  • The new Averso 520 TK floor plan

Bürstner’s affordable Premio caravan series has been significantly upgraded for the new model year. The rear light moulding and the exterior graphic design have been overhauled to bring the Premio in line with the overall look of the Averso series. The scope of features has also been expanded and includes the 25-litre fresh-water tank and rigid supports. The new lights with LED technology and a leather look enhance the interior. The Truma heating system, the ventilation system and a door with a screen are offered in a package.

The Premio is the only one of its class built with lightweight flooring, which reduces the weight of the caravan by around 50 kilograms. The Premio Plus is also celebrating a premiere. Bürstner is once again being a pioneer by making this the first caravan in its segment to be equipped with a fold-down bed. The Premio Plus 510 TK boasts as many as seven berths.

The Premio 520 TK is also perfect for families thanks to a cabin that is 250 cm wide and as many as five berths. What makes this model so special is that there are two extra wardrobes in the bunk bed area to provide even more storage space. A kitchen with a 142-litre fridge and a French bed with a separate WC and a sink complete the floor plan.

The new Noce Art furniture finish adds elegant accents to the upscale Averso Top. The 520 TK floor plan (like the Premio) expands both Averso model series.

Business development:

Bürstner in a stable position

Kehl. Despite a contracting market in Europe, Bürstner’s sales were nearly the same compared to the previous year. The season ended on a positive note with 270 million euros in sales, thus exceeding the original target figures. Despite more difficult market conditions, Bürstner has boosted its market presence and is starting the new fiscal year in a stable position. The sales forecast for the 2015 season is 280 million euros: 5,300 motorhomes and 2,400 caravans are to be produced and sold. Giovanni Marcon, Managing Director of Bürstner, is anticipating little change for the overall market, with the best case scenario being only a slight increase.

Germany provides the greatest support in the development of the European market with 4.9% more motorhomes registered between September 2013 and April 2014. In this market, Bürstner saw an above-average increase in registrations of 35%, even though the panel van sector was practically not served at all.

Investments of 12.1 million euros are planned for the 2015 fiscal year, representing a considerable 112% increase compared to the previous year. The company has earmarked 10 million euros for fixed assets, while the remaining amount will benefit the products directly as an investment in dealers.