Campervan hire and travel tips

Campervan hire and travel tips

Campervan hire and travel tips. Tips for a campervan or motorhome holiday

Avoid bringing rigid suitcases.

When you hire a motorhome, you have a limited amount of space, so your suitcases can really get in the way! Better to bring your clothes in a soft bag or rucksack which you can easily store away using the minimum amount of space.

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Do not pack too much!

On a camping holiday, you do not need lots of changes of clothing or large toys, gadgets etc. This is a time to bring families together and games such as cards, colouring books, an ipod, are ideal and take up very little space. If you are bringing bicycles, check the vehicle has a bike rack fitted. Alternatively use a motorhome which has garage/storage area to house your bikes.

Do not overfill the fresh water tank.

If you are staying on a campsite, there is no need to carry water between sites – it’s very heavy and will burn fuel and affect the handling and performance of the vehicle. Better to fill the water tank up to about a third full initially and when you arrive on site, fill up.

Don’t pack too much food and drink

The fridge in a motorhome is not as big as the one you have at home. Overloading it with food to last the whole week is not advisable and it will not keep. Better to bring a few days worth of food and buy more from a supermarket during the trip.