Motorhome holiday and rentals

Motorhome holiday and rentals

A motorhome holiday may be the best family holiday you can imagine, but there’s a couple of things that you ought to know before you go

Make sure you carry a spare gas bottle.

If you are travelling for a long period of time in Europe, you should carry a spare gas bottle. It is impossible to refill a UK gas bottle in Europe and it’s also difficult to use a European gas bottle in a UK vehicle. The best solution is to use the gas economically and to carry a spare. Again, using campsite facilities will extend the life of your gas supply!

Black out and insulate.

Make sure you ‘black out’ the windows, sunroofs, windscreen and cab area with the special covers provided. It’s easy to forget the windscreen and the cab area, but a great deal of heat is lost through the windscreen during the winter and you will burn more gas trying to keep warm. In the summer, the covers also keep the heat and light out.

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Pack a torch.

Have you noticed that things go wrong at night? Depending on where you camp, there may not be any outside lighting. If you need to unpack a locker or find something in the dark, a torch is the essential must have item!

Be careful using the awning.

The one item that causes the most amount of trouble on a motorhome is the awning. They are very delicate and fragile – you should only attempt to use them if you are familiar with their operation. You need at least two people to unwind one and two people to pack it away. Never leave the awning unattended, the mildest gust of wind can ruin it, never force it back into the housing or try to wind it in when it is wet.

A motorhome is different to your car!

When a motorhome is loaded up with passengers and contents, it can weigh well over 3,500 kilos (3 tons or more). Keep in mind that it will not stop or corner like your car. Keep your distance from the vehicle in front, do not approach corners too quickly and check the tyre pressures before starting your journey. Keep weight down to a minimum by not over filling the water tank, make sure the waste tank is empty and do not overpack. Take care when trying to park or drive through gateways, as it is very easy to misjudge the rear and cause damage. It’s best for a passenger to get out and guide you into parking spaces or round tight corners. Think about trees which may overhang on the road ahead – they can cause expensive scratches! Keep away from the edge of the kerb.

Plan your return.

If the last night of your holiday is hundreds of miles away from the return point, you may be very late and pay a lot of money in late return fees. Plan to be in the vicinity of the return depot the night before, and if you are going to be late let the hire company know in advance. During busy periods motorhomes are booked out ‘back to back’, so it’s only fair on the next hirer to return it on time.