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Renting a motorhome is one of the easiest ways to travel and enjoy most counties in the world. Motorhomes, Campervans or RV’s, they are a wonderful way to explore the amazing places that many differant countries offer. Explorethe world at your own pace. Have an authentic vacation with fun and exploration.

The USA is made for campervanning. Other countries can be less hospitable, but still doable to those with a motorhome and a spirit of adventure. The open road lures campervanners. Speak to any camper owner and the sentiment is much the same: these vehicles give you the freedom to go where you want when you want, knowing you’ve got a comfy bed waiting for you at the end of the night.Mount_Cook_New_Zealand motorhome rental 1

This freedom also means you’re not held to ransom by outrageous prices for a cuppa at a tourist spot, and you won’t ever be caught short in a public place. Plus, campers carry all the facilities you need to live ‘off-grid’, away from mains electricity and water supplies. But where should you go on your campervan adventure?

New Zealand in a motorhome

Nature pulls out all the stops right outside your window – a conveyor belt of peaks, beaches, fiords and glaciers and prices are reasonable.

New Zealand’s landscape changes constantly. You can be driving through a valley, with mountains soaring either side, then round the corner to find a wild coastline or the tip of a glacier field. That’s the beauty of New Zealand – it crams a world of drama into its small proportions and you can see it all in a motorhome..

The joy of exploring by camper is that, if you like an area, you can stay the night: local law permits you to free camp as long as you’re at least 15km from the nearest large town and off the public highway.

The winter months (Jun-Aug) are a great time to see New Zealand in all its elemental glory, when waterfalls cascade off the mountains and the seas are still crowded with whales. Avoid peak season (Jan-Mar) and you’ll have the roads pretty much to yourself.

Best motorhome drives

Te Anau to Milford Sound Drive: through beech trees into the golden meadows of Fiordland National Park, before winding down to the Sound. A simply stunning route.

Coromandel Peninsula: The region that extends from Waihi in the south to Port Jackson in the north is a superb, forested mountain drive.

Live the dream in a rental motorhome

Rental information is similar in New Zealand and Australia, so this section applies to both countries. For convenient one-way trips, rent from a multi-depot firm which has rental locations in most of the major towns. This is particularly important for long trips in New Zealand – the inter-island ferry is expensive so you want to avoid making the crossing twice if possible.

Britz offers seven camper types, ranging from the simple, two-berth VW Rookie, to six-berth motorhomes with fridge, stove, shower and toilet. For serious off-roading you can hire Toyota Land Cruiser-based 4WD vans.

You can search and check prices and book if you like in the search engine at the bottum of this page.

Australia in a motorhome

Drive where scale is everything – never-ending horizons, big skies and the longest open roads ever

Australia is vast. In the Outback you can drive all day and not see a soul, an absolute dream for self-sufficient campervanners and perfect for off-road desert adventures. But at its edges things aren’t so extreme – a varied and unique mix of reef-meets-rainforest, long sandy coasts, vibrant cities and fascinating hinterlands, well set up for vanning exploration.

Watch out for road trains, though – these trailer-towing behemoths can be over 35m long. They churn up a lot of dust, and overtaking them takes time. There’s significant (if fascinating) wildlife to avoid too – many rental campers will be fitted with bull bars to protect against roaming cattle and kangaroos.

Best motorhome drives

Adelaide to Melbourne: Includes one of the greatest drives in the world: the Great Ocean Road.

Fraser Island: Spend days wildlife-spotting and nights around the campfire. Also, 4WD vanners will love nipping up and down the massive golden beaches.

Cape York’s Overland Telegraph Track: A favourite of serious off-road enthusiasts; includes a wilderness peninsula of tropical forest and savannah, only suitable for hardy 4WDs in the dry season (May-Oct).

Canada in a motorhome

Play ‘join the dots’ between glittering lakes and snowy peaks

Canada’s vast and varying wilderness makes it perfect territory for an extended camper tour. Most vanners point their wheels at the dramatic Rockies and the Great Lakes, but along the way are fabulous stretches of forest, rippling wheat fields and unique wildlife – elk, caribou and maybe even a grizzly or two.

Best motorhome drives

The Alaskan Highway: Connecting the continental US with Alaska across gold-rush Canada, this is an absolute must for the barren wilderness experience.

The Yellowhead Highway: Drive along Highway 16 into the stunning Wells Gray Provincial Park, where you can camp overnight and then visit the awesome Icefields Parkway to visit the Athabasca Glacier.

Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99): Head out from Vancouver along the coastal mountain region of British Columbia.

USA in a motorhome

The home of the campervan experience – with a wealth of classic routes to choose from.
No country is better set up for exploring by camper – or RV (recreational vehicle), as they’re locally known – than the good old US of A. With its breadth of landscapes – from rolling plains to epic mountains – tiny towns, superb road networks and historically cheap fuel (though it’s getting pricier), it’s a campervanning paradise. The vast national parks are often busy with RVers in high season, but book in advance or off-peak and enjoy your own slice of this uniquely American way of life.

Best motorhome drives

Big Sur, California: The quintessential winding coastal road, dotted with all-American diners overlooking the crashing ocean.

Crater Lake Rim Drive, Oregon: This 53km trail skirts the deep-blue caldera of Crater Lake NP.

Badlands Loop Road, South Dakota: Drive through wildlife- and fossil-filled prairie.

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana: This National Historic Landmark is an 80km stretch of glorious vistas in Glacier National Park.

Live the dream in a rental motorhome
This section covers rental information for both the US and Canada. Cruise America/Canada (; is one of the best-established multi-depot RV rental and sales firms.

You can search and check prices and book if you like in the search engine at the bottum of this page.

Europe in a motorhome

Glide through a string of different countries, with history on every street corner and spectacular scenery

Western Europe is well geared up for independent campervanning. You can zip quickly and easily across national borders, and take in the tiny, out-of-the-way villages and scenery that organised tours don’t have time for.

Eastern Europe is a different matter – it’s not used to campervan traffic and roads can be in poor condition. You may feel quite conspicuous in your camper, but the rewards are offbeat stretches where you have the road to yourself.

Best motorhome drives

Helsinki to the Arctic Circle: Tree-lined roads turn into Arctic tundra, a silent wilderness spotted with reindeer.

Highway One, Iceland: The country’s only highway loops dramatically past all the main attractions.

Romantic Road, Germany: A well-travelled (don’t do this in peak season) but beautiful route through medieval towns and past fairytale castles.

Amalfi Coast, Italy: Out of season, this rugged, Unesco-listed shoreline is one of the most stunning drives in the world. Too passé? Try the lesser-visited Adriatic coast instead.

Live the dream in a rental motorhome

For regional listings of UK camper hire firms try Motorhome Facts. McRent is one of the best multi-country rental firms, with depots in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Hiring in the UK allows you to take all your own equipment (bedding, bikes etc) plus, for short ferry crossings, you pay for the vehicle rather than per person. However, if it’s just the two of you, a cheap return flight will save you time and money (on fuel and ferry crossings), plus you’ll be renting a left-hand drive, better suited to mainland Europe.

You can search and check prices and book if you like in the search engine at the bottum of this page.

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