Car Campers. What is a camper car

Car Campers – What is a camper car

Camper van – What is a campervan

Car Campers. A concept where a car usually a station wagon has storage space under a fabricated bed frame in the rear luggage compartment. The term camper car usually refers to a smaller 2 berth vehicle. While many camper include kitchens, they are typically more compact than the average campervane. It has a permanently made up double bed with access through lift up lids to the storage beneath. It contains all equipment necessary for travelling and camping in camp grounds or in the bush. car campers are very popular for budget holidays in  Australia, New Zealand and even Iceland.

car camper

car camper

Campervan. A back to basics class of camper is a tent that temporarily mounts to roof rack systems of SUVs, trucks, vans, 4×4, station wagons, some cars and small off-road utility trailers. These roof top tents typically contain a built in mattress and can store bedding and pillows while folded for travel. With practice, set up takes about 5 minutes. Sizes vary from single sleeper to family sized tents that sleep up to four people. The term campervan usually refers to a smaller 2 to 5 berth vehicle. While some campervans include bathrooms and kitchens, they are typically more compact than the average motorhome. The advantages of these campers are comparatively low cost, compact go-anywhere convenience, easy driving, good MPG and RV comfort sleeping space that often exceeds 7 feet length – nice for taller travelers. Consider a campervan with easily accessible sleeping and living areas as well as an awning that can be erected quickly. It is a great way to save money if you are on a budget.

High top (HT) Camper van

Based on a high-top van, typically of around 2.8 to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, without major coachbuilding modifications to the body. Beds typically fixed in place or built by moving seats and tables. Shower and toilet cubicles sometimes fitted.

Fixed roof (FR) Camper van

camper van

Typical base vehicles are the same as for the coachbuilt designs, above. Oftentimes a Dodge, GMC or Ford van will be professionally converted into a high top
Rising roof (RR) camper van

Often based on a relatively small van, typically 2 to 3 tonnes gross vehicle weight, including the classic Volkswagen Type 2, and with a roof which raises, usually with fabric sides, in a way not unlike a roof tent. Bed typically in the rising roof but also sometimes built by moving seats and tables. Shower and toilet cubicles rarely fitted.

The Volkswagen Transporter is a common base vehicle, and Ford Transits are also reasonably common.

Fixed roof (FR) Camper van
Also known as “surf vans” (or “surf buses”) and “day vans”. Typically similar in size to the rising roof designs. Beds usually built by moving seats and tables. Shower and toilet cubicles very rarely fitted.

The Volkswagen Transporter and Mercedes-Benz Vito are particularly common base vehicles. They have become the successors to the classic Volkswagen Type 2. Slightly smaller vans such as the Fiat Scudo may be used; on occasion, even smaller vans such as the Fiat Doblò are used to make casual light-duty campers with minimal facilities beyond sleeping space.campervan

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