Class B motorhomes. New Trend in Europe

Class B motorhomes. New Trend in Europe

Class B motorhomes, Great for exploring towns and cities

A Class B Motorhome is easy to drive, fits in a normal parking space, is easy on fuel, and can be used as a second vehicle. Kitchens, washrooms with showers and they sleep up to five people; all in a slightly stretched full-size van with a raised roof. The popularity of Class B motorhomes is soaring, so are the amenities and capabilities of these small homes on wheels. Perfect for a couple or a small family of 4 or 5

Galleria, a Class B Motorhome

Class B motorhomes have always been revered for their ease of driving, fuel economy and minimal learning curve to operate. A growing trend in the motorhome market has seen manufacturers focus on improving the amenities in the popular Class B segment to make them more than simple van conversions with fold-down beds and a kitchen sink. Built using a conventional van, to which either a raised roof has been added or the back replaced by a low-profile body. Class B motorhomes are very easy to drive and can fit into the tightest of camping sites without much effort. A Class B parks in regular parking spots, which is a great convenience when hitting fast food restaurants or visiting national parks or places with limited parking for big motorhomes. In Australia and New Zealand, a Class B motorhome is quite distinct from a campervan, Popular vehicle makes include the Ford Trader and Isuzu NPR 300. Class B motorhome Rental

Class B motorhomes

Most Australian and New Zealand campervans are based on much smaller vehicles such as the Toyota HiAce, while the middle ground is now populated by larger vans that blur the definition of campervan or motorhome. These include the Ford Transit, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Fiat Ducato, and Iveco.
In the United States and Canada, class B motorhomes are built on several different chassis depending on the motorhome manufacturer and engine design aims. Common chassis include the Mercedes Benz Sprinter diesel, the Dodge Ram Promaster gas, the Chevrolet Express gas, and the Ford Transit gas and diesel. German manufacturer Hymer has enter the North American market with a Class B that uses European ingenuity to lure enthusiasts into the versatility of a compact motorhome. Differences between Class A, B & C Motorhome

A few reasons Class B motorhomes make sense



Hymer AKTIV Gas Class B 2017 Motorhome

Below is a list of some Class B Motor Home recreational vehicle manufacturers in North America.




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