Drink Driving Limits in Europe

Drink Driving Limits in Europe

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Drink Driving Limits across Europe

European Drink Drive Limits, maximum drink driving limits across Europe for drivers.

The legal limit is not the same in all EU-member states. Limits are set in a number of different units – microgrammes of ethanol in air (µg/100ml), milligrammes of ethanol in blood (mg/l) and BAC% (Blood Alcohol Content) are all common terms. A persons BAC level measures the amount of alcohol in the blood, by recording the milligrams of ethanol per milliliters of blood. Most countries around the world have legal BAC limits.


Breathalyzer Alcohol Test

Alcoholic beverages are popular throughout Europe. The drinking patterns and the type of drink (wine, beer, and spirits) that is predominantly preferred may vary from country to country, but in all EU-member states alcohol consumption is substantial.

The legal limit

The legal limit is not the same in all EU-member states. In the Table 1 the legal limits of the 25 EU-member states are presented. Some EU-member states have different penalties for different limits and have different limits for novice drivers and professional drivers. These limits are not mentioned in Table 1. The legal limit – ec.europa.eu

Country Standard BAC limit (g/l)
Austria 0.5
Belgium 0.5
Cyprus 0.22
Czech Republic 0
Denmark 0.5
Estonia 0.2
Finland 0.22
France 0.5
Germany 0.5
Greece 0.5
Hungary 0
Rep. of Ireland 0.5
Italy 0.5
Latvia 0.5
Lithuania 0.4
Luxemburg 0.5
Malta 0.8
Netherland 0.5
Poland 0.2
Portugal 0.5
Slovakia 0
Slovenia 0.5
Spain 0.5
Sweden 0.2
United Kingdom 0.8

Table 1: legal alcohol limits for the general driver population


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