Europe by Motorhome

Europe by Motorhome

Traveling Europe in a motorhome

Tips for Motor Homing in Europe – Motorhome Holidays in Europe

Europe by Motorhome – A motorhome vacation combines the best parts of European travel—visiting the great art cities, driving the countryside, exploring villages and vineyards without the usual expense. See more and discover more. It`s Easy

Europe by Motorhome

Europe by Motorhome

Europe by Motorhome – Preparation

Planning – Decide where to start and where to finish your motorhome holiday. Which countries you would like to visit. Prices for motorhome rentals are different from country to country. Germany is at the moment one of the cheapest countries to rent a motorhome.

Booking your motorhome – RV / motorhome rental companies require you to have a full driving licence and a major credit card; also, check minimum age requirements ( usually between 21 and 23 ) as these very. Thanks to the internet, booking independently is straightforward and there are a number of large, well-established rental companies. With over 100,000 satisfied customers we have the “know how” to make your planning and booking easy.

Book early – The popularity of rental motorhome holidays has grown enormously in the last few years and the numbers of rental motorhomes in some destinations is limited. So book your camper early. There are a lot of good discounts to be had and money to be saved with a “early bird”  booking.

Renting your motorhome – Our easy to use search engine compares rental motorhome prices from national and international rental motorhome suppliers in Europe and finds the best deals for you. If there’s a great motorhome bargain anywhere in Europe we`ll find it for you. Trusted by 100,000+ customers. Try useing different dates and destinations to find the best bargains when searching for your motorhome.

GPS: Hand-held or dash mounted. Install on your phone or rent from your rental motorhome supplier. A must!

Money: ATM / Visa cash machines are generally the easiest and least expensive way to obtain cash in Europe, and are everywhere in Western Europe and most countries.

Europe by Motorhome – Camping Apps – Download the latest camping apps to your mobil. You can easliy search and find campsites that suit your budget all over Europe. The Best Free Camping Apps Europe

City campgrounds – While there are loads of European campgrounds in the countryside, there are also plenty of in and around the major cities. Although most city campgrounds are on the edge of town, count on a 30–45 minute bus or subway ride to the historic center.

Campground guide – A good campground guide is essential for locating places where you want to stay. Another essential item to get before you leave is an International Camping card. This provides admittance to most campgrounds and in some cases at reduced rates. The International Camping card is held by the campground instead of your passport. Don’t leave home without it. See below for a listing of good websites and books on camping in Europe as well as other services and suggestions. Proper planning is the best insurance for a smooth travel experience. off-season discount camping cards

The Caravan Club lists over 200 caravan sites in Europe in 16 countries. The website offers a useful magazine and brochures full of ideas for using your camper in Europe.

ACSI Camping is a website with a search engine listing more than 9,900 inspected campsites in Europe in over 40 countries, including those where caravans and motor homes are allowed.

Free Camping – Aires de Service (service areas) are places designated for the parking and servicing of RVs. They are very common in France and are available to a lesser extent in several other European countries (e.g. Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal. Norway, Sweden) Aires provide free or very cheap RV parking and often services like drinking water, grey and black water and garbage disposal, but rarely electricity. No trailers or tents are allowed. Items should not be set up outside one’s RV (e.g. no awnings, folding tables, chairs, or clothes lines.) Aires are usually provided by cities, towns, or businesses to encourage visitors and patronage. Provided a parking place for RVs also discourages visitors from parking overnight on the streets, and concentrates them in a particular area.

Wild Camping – Camping in the countryside or wilderness settings is a great way to get close to nature. It allows us to stay close to parks, mountains, beaches or other places of natural beauty and outdoor recreation.
In addition to campgrounds and aires, it is sometimes possible to stay on private land (e.g. farms, wineries, churches, monasteries, restaurant parking lots, etc.) In these cases permission should be obtained from the owner, which is sometimes difficult to do if they are not to be found or you don’t share a common language.
Free motorhome camping in Spain – Espana Discovery or Spanish Passion
Free motorhome camping in France – France Passion

Search and compare prices from all the leading motorhome rental suppliers in Europe. It`s easy.

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