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The objective with Camping Card is to give foreign travelers the opportunity to travel around



Campervan or Camping apps Campercontact is the best website for and by motorhome users. There are already over 20.000 motorhome stops in the database. Users can write reviews, send in modifications and leave photos. In this way, the site will remain up-to-date. The database of Campercontact contains three categories of motorhome stops: Motorhome parkings: places especially…

Camping App Eu Free

Camping App Eu Free

Campervan or Camping apps Yet another camper app? Yes, why not? We hope to have improved on search functionality and design, and to offer a supplement to other well-known search campervan or camping apps. – Over 20.000 sites– The directory is searchable using many filters, including negative criteria.– Search by vicinity or city / postcode…

Camperstop-Stopovers in Europe App

Camperstop-Stopovers in Europe

Campervan or Camping apps The Camperstop-App, for smartphone and tablet, contains more than 10,750 inspected motorhome stopovers in Europa. The start of every motorhome holiday! A must-have for each motorhome-trip! The Camperstop-App allows you to find motorhome stopovers easily and contains up-to-date, detailed information, images and reviews from other motorhomers. Due to the detailed information…

Free overnight stopovers for motorhomes in Sweden

SWEDE STOPS Sweden Passion – Swede Stops Free overnight stopovers for motorhome tourists in the Swedish countryside, in connection with local businesses activities (eg farm shops, producers, restaurants, artists, craftsmen and organizers of different activities in rural areas). SWEDE STOPS’ aim is to invite motorhome tourists, Swedish and foreign, to the Swedish countryside, where local businesses…

Discount camping cards in Europe

Discount camping cards

Discount camping cards in Europe Camping cards Europe Camping and Travel in Europe Why do I need a camping card? A Camping card is a card that can save you and your travelling partners or family a lot of money. All approved campsites in Europe must comply with the rules and requirements of the camping…