Top countries in the world for motorhome travel

Top countries in the world for motorhome travel

Best countries in the world for RV travel and camping

A motorhome holiday is one of the cheapest, best and most rewarding ways to explore some of the world’s most interesting and scenic destinations. Comprising a list of the worlds best motorhome countries for camping and travel, is not as easy as you would think.

Top countries in the world for motorhome travel

Top countries in the world for motorhome travel

The United States
On the top of the list must be the RV`s homeland The USA. The United States is a country full of natural wonders. Offering travelers an incredible variety of diverse and inspiring landscapes, breathtaking locations, and powerful panoramas, America truly is a land made for RV travel and camping, perfect for any motorhome enthusiast. Both the rental motorhome locations and the prices of rentals make the USA one of the top picks for a motorhome holiday.The most classic route is Route 66 which runs between LA and Chicago, cutting diagonally through the heart of the country, offering travelers the chance to experience some of America’s most famous roadside scenes.

New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for rugby and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it is also one of the most stunning locations on Earth and the perfect destination for a campervan holiday.
They say New Zealand landscape is made up of nearly every country in the world. The constantly changing landscape makes it a must do location on the lists for rental motorhome enthusiasts everywhere, from snow-topped peaks and glaciers to beaches, to lush forests, small rurul towns and cities. Around every corner you can discover something new.


Australia has a huge amount of land to explore. You can drive the outback for days and not see a single soul, it would take several years to properly explore Australia by RV.
One of the best road trips to make in Australia is the Gold coast from Sydney to Cairns (N.S.W to Queensland) and to have time to enjoy it we recomend you use 14 days. You trip can included places like Sydney – Central Coast – Hunter Valley – Port Stephens – Coffs Harbour – Byron Bay – Gold Coast – Brisbane – Fraser Island – Bundaberg – Rockhampton – Mackay – Townsville – Cairns. On the way check out Woy Woy and family-friendly Ettalong Beach, both gateways to Bouddi and Brisbane Water national parks. Australia and New Zealand offer some of the cheapest RV rentals in the world.


Iceland is not a very big country and a little off the beaten track, but Iceland offers some of the most stunning landscape in the world. A perfect place for a 2 or 3 week motorhome holiday. Iceland has one main road: Route 1. This ring road goes all around the island and from it are smaller roads and routes that lead you to fjords, towns, peninsulas, the highlands and many other attractions. The ring road around Iceland is 1,300 kms (800 miles) long. It’s hard to articulate what Iceland really feels like it has surreal landscapes and picturesque panoramas.
The Ring Road is open all year. Some of the unpaved and side roads, during the winter especially, can be closed to due snowfall. During the high season, most all roads are open. If you want full access to all of Iceland, try to go during May-August.


Although one of the most expensive rental motorhome countries to visit and travel in Norway offers such a wide range of natural beauty, amazing fjords and lanscapes it has to be on our list. Plus you can stop your camper and overnight nearly everywhere in Norway for free. A scenic drive across the Hardangervidda, Europes greatest mountain plateau, and the beautiful Hardangerfjord. This drive will make the journey between Oslo and Bergen into a unique nature experience. In Norway wildcamping is allowed. This means that as long as you’re not on private property and don’t disturb anyone, you can set up your tent anywhere. You can sleep for free where you want and do the trip on your own tempo. Here is a suggestion for your road trip Oslo – Kristiansand – Egersund – Stavanger – Lysefjord – the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) – Sauda – Røldal – Tyssedal – Eidfjord – Ulvik – Hardangerfjord – Bergen – Nærøyfjord – Aurlandsfjellet – Lærdal – Sogndal – Stryn – Geiranger – Geirangerfjord – Stranda – Ålesund – Molde – Kristiansund – Trondheim. The kingdom of light Northern Norway is by far the largest and most sparsely populated part of mainland Norway, and covers more than a third of the country. It stretches from the idyllic Helgeland region in the south, to mainland Europe’s northernmost point, near the North Cape. Light will play an essential role in your experience in the north. Summer nights are long and bright, and in high summer north of the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn’t dip below the horizon at all.


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